Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Call of Duty 2

Topic: "Used and Abused: A Look Back at a Few You Might Have Missed"

Game - Call of Duty 2:

I’ve figured out that the easiest way to give myself an early aged heart attack from things like stress, anger and violently jumping from my couch to go break something, is to prepare for these reviews.

I say this for 2 reasons.

-1- While I love to spend as little money as possible and have faith in every game I take home, it baffles me how so much money can be spent developing games that are an absolute shit-fest.

-2- As it is always satisfying to find a GREAT game, it always comes with a price, and NO! I’m not talking about actual money idiot.
I’m talking about difficulty. Because even great games sometimes make you want to launch your controller at the television and scream…. “Fuck YOU!”…..; as if the programmers of the games will somehow actually hear you.

In the next few reviews, you will have a better understanding of why I feel this way. Fortunately for us all, it’s my second review and it’s my second great game.

By now I’m sure everyone who is reading this knows what Call of Duty 2 is; or has played it in some form, killed it and maybe moved on to the 3rd or 4th installment. If you don’t fit into one of these categories, you have either been living under a rock filled with stupidity, should not be reading this blog at all, or need to run out and purchase it for 10 DOLLARS (or less), because you are missing out on a DAMN good game

CoD2 has a great system as a first person shooter and has a decent story line to go along with it. It is very enjoyable to start off as a Russian, progress to the British and finish up on D-Day and a little beyond as an American bad ass; climbing mountains, digging into the trenches and accomplishing the missions witch ultimately kick Nazi fuck-bags back into the shit holes in which the crawled out from……

What, too much?
Well, tough shit because after hearing Nazi gibberish for hours playing the “regular” story line I was decently annoyed. But then I decided to grow my balls double in size and take on the Veteran mode for all of the achievements; where it literally tells you from the get go – “You will not survive”

Anyway, the play through was entertaining and made the game a lot of fun. I was happy with that.
But, like I said I decided to take on the challenge of Veteran and quickly decided that my initial “I’m really glad I bought this game” was changing into an “I want to rip this game out of my system, find a Nazi and use this disc as a melee weapon”.

Everything was fine until the last British level, “The Battle for Caen”.

All of a sudden my enjoyment turned into an hour and a half of pure anger trying to fight my way through the last house, progressively dying one shitty way after another.

The most obnoxious thing is a toss up between 40-50 stay bullet deaths and killing everyone but the last German 3 times, listening to him yell at you, only to walk up the stairs and be shot from …. who the fuck knows where!?!?

The American levels proved to be just as hard and annoying, but I think I handled it better because of the story line. Plus by this point I was used to the bullshit of random death and was learning to control my anger on my way to a perfect 1000 GS.

I’m not an expert at gaming; I will never claim to be. I like to think I am a decent gamer with patience. But this game tested me. I literally said to myself 100 times “I can’t wait to never play this game again”. But even as I write this now, I have an itch to go play it some more. Shit, if Brett Farve is a Jet, I can play another round of Call of Duty 2.

So let’s quickly do the review:

Fun Factor Vs. Price: (Thumbs Up)

Since I’ve had some time to calm myself and do not longer wish to break everything related to my 360, I am a very serious YES, to the fun of this game. If I wasn’t so “Achievement Obsessed” this would have been a perfectly fun and entertaining game for $9.99.
Its probably even less now since it took a while for me to destroy it.

Achievements vs. Price and Difficulty: (Thumbs Up)

For the same reason as the fun factor I am saying YES; even though I was pissed it was a simple way to earn achievements as long as you have the patience to be killed a lot and can deal with the difficulty. It’s an older game so there are only 13 achievements which simply deal with beating the difficulty levels.

Difficulty - Sucks Vs. NOT: (Thumbs Up)

All in all, this is a Great game. Anyone wanting to start the COD series should pick up this game and try to enjoy it. Just be ready for Veteran.

OVERALL - Yes Vs. No: (Thumbs Up)

A big YES! The game is a simple, fun FPS and the price is right. Plain and simple it’s a good used game you should look into.

So don’t think this is a pattern. 2 games, 2 good reviews. I have been playing a lot of the Used and Abused; I just wanted to get some good ones out of the way before I want to hang myself reviewing some of the ugly. Anyway sit tight and my next one might be a basher.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

What started it all.....

Topic: "The Waring Sign Collection: A Compilation of the DUMBEST warning signs EVER!!!"

One of my few good qualities (in my own mind) is my dedication to dumb shit.

Its been about a month since I discovered this electrical box:

I was working on a job when I noticed it.

I had to wait about a month to return and capture its greatness, but i did. Bottom line, this box is the reason this whole "Dumb Warning Signs" topic started.
.....and heres why.

Now, I while I think this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen... there really is more to it. Yes there is a warning for you to "stay away" and that you could get "electrocuted"; but, the greatest part of this Warning Sign is in the GIGANTIC electric bolt itself.

Not only is the dude screaming.... Not only is the bolt HUGE... Its pissed!!
I thought this was great at first, but then it just got better. You have to fear the electric bolt that will not only kill you, but probably be happy to do it.

"Please come closer and touch me .... CAUSE I'M PISSED AND I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!"

Friday, May 23, 2008

Blades will get ya!

Topic: "The Waring Sign Collection: A Compilation of the DUMBEST warning signs EVER!!!"

Normally, this WARNING wouldn't be much.... kinda common. It's a "keep your hand away from this,... dumb ass!" symbol. But seeing this EVERYDAY on the chop-saw we use, makes this warning good enough to make the list.

Seriously?? A big ass blade can cut my hand in half????

......who would have thought....

Update: 6/5/08

Found this one on my another chop saw.

"Please idiot!!; stick your hand into the sharp thing!!!"

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Topic: "Used and Abused: A Look Back at a Few You Might Have Missed"

Game - Fuzion Frenzy 2:
To start off my main blog, I've decided to go back a bit and review a game I destroyed quickly and enjoyed every second of. Fuzion Frenzy, (in my opinion) is the BEST multi-player game in its genre. I say this becuase of its history. When the first Fuzion Frenzy unleashed itself, it was the college party game (yes I'm old!). Of course there was "(Drinking) Mario Party" and the sober-ish zombie adventures of the "Hunter" series.... but Fuzion Frenzy was the game that made you feel like it was OK to play a mini-game.....game, in public.

With the 360, came the second installment of Fuzion Frenzy; and here's the breakdown.

Fun Factor Vs. Price: (Thumbs Up)
Fun is the name of this game (or at least it should be). The games in Fuzion Frenzy are far and away the most entertaining mini-games on the 360. As far as the "used" price, I was lucky enough to pick up this great title in a 3-pack (with Disney's Cars and Open Season. That damn Ashton got me again). So it was around 30 bucks. The leading game stores have it at $17.99 (alone) which i would still pay, considering I destroyed it months ago but still play it!

Achievements vs. Price and Difficlty: (Thumbs Up)

1000 points went to my gamer score in a fun and easy-ish way. All of the non-online achievements are easy and self explanatory. Basically, all you have to do, to get around 800 AP,
is play the game and win.

Only when you go online does the AP battle begin. The only reason I have found that makes the "Tournament Hero" and "Mini-Game Frenzy Hero" achievements difficult, is the fact that NOBODY IS EVER ONLINE!!! So, you can never play with anyone to get these achievements. But I waited, and waited, and waited and finally found a player or two that was on the same mission as I was. We finished these up together and another 200 was tacked on.

Difficulty - Sucks Vs. NOT: (Thumbs Up)

NOT Suck - Its fun, easy to play and it is a game you shouldn't sell back. You can play with friends, family or (if you want to get REALLY mad at the "computer") by yourself over and over.

OVERALL - Yes Vs. No: (Thumbs Up)

A BIG yes from me! I'm a big fan of Fuzion Frenzy. Meet me online sometime or send me an invite - The Turbine Blade or Sumo are my favorite levels!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Topic: "Used and Abused: A Look Back at a Few You Might Have Missed"

-This is going to be the MAIN topic of my blog.

I love how XBox has made the Achievements a HUGE part of the "Gamer-tag". I honestly think its what separates XBox from the Wii and Ps3. I agree that Wii is "just plain fun" and the Ps3 has AMAZING graphics; but that's.....it..... There is no "keep it going" the way the XBox has it.

With that said, my MAIN blog is (and will be) "Used and Abused: A Look Back at a Few You Might Have Missed"!!!

Basically, I am going to review games that have already been reviewed, played ...and possibly KILLED by people like YOU. However, I haven't been able to play (or afford) them yet, so here I am now between $10.99 and $28.99 reviewing them for (my) first time!!

Basic Overview: (Pictures soon: Thumbs- up, sideways, down)

Fun Factor - VS - Price
Achievements - VS Price and Difficulty
Difficulty - Suck VS Not

Should be fun. Plus, my gamerscore is RIGHT THERE ON THE RIGHT. So call me out if you feel like it...

******For these posts, AP is short for Achievement Points******

Lets go!

My review of my FAVORITE used game in the bunch: Fuzion Frenzy - Soon!

Ladders Kill


For this topic, I'm going to start posting up the most ridiculous warning signs Ive ever seen. Since (for now) I work as a carpenter and painter, its pretty easy. These things literally amuse me all day, so I thought I would start to share!

I'm looking for the best WARNING! signs that not only make us laugh, but give us all the thought process of...."Really? Do you REALLY need to warn me about this??"

Topic: "The Waring Sign Collection: A Compilation of the DUMBEST warning signs EVER!!!"

Off of the ladder we use at work...A CLASSIC!!!! I know everyone has probably seen this one before, but I just couldn't resist making it the first post for this topic.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dan Does The Dingle Dance


Topic: Stupid Videos 105 (So Stupid!!! They belong in the special class)

To start off the first (of 3) new topics for this blog, I went with stupid videos 105. I'm lazy.... and this was honestly the easiest one to start because I DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. The video itself should make you laugh.

This is a video of my friend Dan, winning a heated challenge, over my girlfriend in the Xbox 360 (new) classic "Burnout: Revenge". She has this..... dance..... that she does, and well.... he imitates it. I SWEAR he's not "special", but the video is...enjoy!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

GotGame Attacks "The Hoodwink"

Topic: Stuff That Makes Me Ecstatic!!!!


I have not posted anything to this blog for a while and for that I apologize. Its been a strange month and a lot of good stuff has happened. Barbra Walters had an affair with a senator, an American Idol judge made an ass out of herself and the president actually made a good joke (sorry cowboy fans).

Now, April aside, its May. And, going into (what I call) the month that starts the summer, means that its time to start looking forward to some good concerts.
Every year I look forward to the Warped tour, the occasional Ozzfest and any other good shows that normally don't come around that often (This year I get some bangers: AKA - The return of Stone Temple Pilots and Tom Petty.)

To start it off RIGHT, I want to get Bamboozled! http://www.thebamboozle.com/ This crazy ass festival, that has turned into a yearly event, might be the best thing to happen to music/concert events in a long time. It is 2 days of just plain good music. Now, weather you like the headliners or not, there is still plenty for everyone. Even if you hate Panic! at the Disco for being sellout drama queens.... (I actually still like them) theres still hardcore punk acts like Anti-Flag, F'n Snoop Dogg, some good old surf rock with the fantastic Hawaii band Pepper and even some underage eye candy with the hot chick from Paramore.

Now even though I would love to go to this show, I cant.

But don't get all pissy with me because I just wrote about it for so long..... I was just building up for the good part. I'm going to the "secret" show.
The Hoodwink might be the reason I have a drunken heart attack today.
Say Anything, The Chiodos, Saves The Day (NJ!!), MxPx????????? This day just keeps getting better.
With the line-up only announced last week, The Hoodwink is a very special pre-event that will happen today to pump up the excitement for The Bamboozle events this weekend.

I'll probably be there around 4:00. If anyone is in the NY, NJ area GO!!!! And look for me when Say Anything comes on. I'll post up some more good s**t about this show by the end of the weekend.

P.S. - My goal is to have Say Anything rep GotGame somehow..... we'll see......


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slimy Subdomainers

There are a few things that just flat-out make me mad; work after the superbowl, Bill Cosby putting out a rap album, writers strikes... (yes im still mad).

Going on this initial statement, I am hereby introducing the first (of a few), main topics this blog will tackle.

Topic: Stuff That Pisses Me Off

I wont go on long about this, because I will let you be the judges of the article in the link posted below. Basically, I hate it when people try to blatantly take advantage of things (or other people) to benefit themselves. This includes (but not limited to) sneaky people, greedy companies, the Grinch, Dean Gordon "Cheese" Prichard and Gargamel (leave those smurfs alone man....damn).

My internship, GotGameU (http://news.gotgame.com/), has been taken advantage of. Luckily, we caught on

I wont go on much more than that, because for this first instalment of "Stuff That Pisses Me Off" I would like to hear from you. Please post up on TechChurch's site and feel free to leave me some feedback. (Everybody Loves A Taco - Comments Section).

Here is the article - http://www.techcrunch.com/2008/04/08/network-solutions-hijacking-unassigned-sub-domains/

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The first hit!! This, is my mascot. LD

This is "the little dog". Seriously thats his name. Do you like him? Well, do you?

you should....

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